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With the first team ground sharing with Windsor FC, it's been no secret for the last few seasons that Virginia Water FC are looking for a new site to build a new home. Waters' current home The Timbers has been a loyal venue for almost 50 years, but sadly it does not have the required facilities, or scope to upgrade to them, in order to play first team football at the level the club requires. Therefore the need to relocate for the club is imperative, especially to bring the first team back to the community and back home to Virginia Water.

The club have identified a new site, a stone's throw away from The Timbers, and are now in the process of acquiring the land and planning permission to develop it into Waters' new home. Provisional plans and drawings have been made, and local residents have also been consulted, whilst the senior staff at the club have also been communicating with the local council and football authorities in a bid to get the project up and running as quickly as possible. 

Updated plans 2024

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