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Senior Staff Attend Youth Training Evening



First team staff and players take part in Youth training

Wednesday 16th November VWFC Youth were joined by some of the First Team staff and players at training for the U8, U9, U11 and U17 age groups, with those players and mangers all in attendance.


Adam Sams (First Team Manager) along with Tommy Whitby (Defender) and Adam Sewell (midfield) helped with sessions designed to assist the younger youth players in defensive and attacking exercises. While Matt Jones (GK) took the young goalies for some position specialist training.


A lot of the sessions were focused on the technical aspects such as passing and movement, communication and control. Of course, goals win games, and every child wants to score goals, so there was some shooting practice to finish off the evening! 


All the youth players absolutely loved being coached by the first team, who were very interactive, friendly and full of good advice. The youth coaches also took some ideas for future sessions and Adam was great at sharing useful tips and ways to set up training sessions.


The parents of the youth players who were there were happy to see the adult teams taking such an active part in the youth players. All of them said it was an experience that the young players would remember for a long time, and has been an iniative that the club has been working towards for a while, and will continue in the future.

The club are keen to promote and continue to strengthen the bond between the youth and adult sections of the club, and this latest interaction follows on from having the youth players be part of first team matches as mascots, along with the off-field club fund raising events.

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