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Whilst the nation is on hold and everyone is looking forward to getting back to playing football, when play does resume Virginia Water will be without three of their younger players. In a bittersweet tale for Waters, whilst they lose the services of Jack Simmons, Finn Kelly-Lewis and George Freer, they are safe in the knowledge that all three are going on to try to establish themselves further in the game and themselves in general. All three players are embarking on a new adventure having attained scholarships to universities in the USA on the back of their footballing abilities.

Jack will be attending St. Louis Community College, in St. Louis, Missouri and their Archers football team, whilst both Finn and George are attending Canada College in Redwood City, California and joining their Colts team.

All three players have been at Waters for the past two seasons, and have all proved they have the quality to succeed with their skillsets. Jack is an energetic box-to-box midfielder, Finn a towering, commanding centre half and George a modern day full back comfortable on either side of the defence. Waters will miss all three players, not just for their on-field presence and play, but also as a part of the Virginia Water family, all three players were a remarkably nice people and will be missed by the management staff and teammates alike.

Waters wish all three of them the very best on their journeys as they chase their dreams, and will leave the door open for them to return if they are ever back in the country!


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