VWFC Youth Awards Presentation day

Virginia Water FC's youth presentation of awards day took place on Sunday 19th June and was attended by many of the players and parents of all the youth teams at the club. It was a proud day for club chairman Dave McBride, presiding over his first awards day at the club under his tenure. All the players who participated for the club this season were rewarded with a trophy, with three main player awards also being awarded for individual recognition for each team; Clubman of the year, Manager's Player of the year and Player's Player of the year.



Under 11's Awards:
Clubman: Harry and George Payne
Manager's Player: Jaiden Hilliard
Player's Player: Leo Johnson

Clubmen Harry & George Payne

Manager's Player Jaiden Hilliard

Player's Player Leo Johnson

Under 13's Awards:
Clubman: Liam Vass
Manager's Player: Zak White-Sey
Player's Player: Oscar Brown

Clubman Liam Vass

Manager's Player Zak White-Sey

Player's Player Oscar Brown

Under 15's Awards:
Clubman: Daniel Ferguson
Manager's Player: Irvine Mwiti
Player's Player: Ojas Limbu

Clubman Daniel Ferguson

Manager's Player Irvine Mwiti

Player's Player Ojas Limbu

Under 16's Awards:
Clubman: Charlie Russell
Manager's Player: Aaron Vass
Player's Player: Robert Sung

Clubman Charlie Russell

Manager's Player Aaron Vass

Player's Player Robert Sung

The clubhouse at Virginia Water FC is available for hire, and is suitable for parties for all occasions


Sky TV, pool table (free of charge), stage area, dance floor, kitchen area, bar, toilets and changing facilities


Please contact Graham Poulter or Dave McBride for more info, via the club's contact page