Reserve Team

Management Team
Luke Sperling - Manager
Registered Players

David Atkins, James Balfe, Nicholas Balfe, Ruben Bande, Jake Basheer, Michael Chambers, Jack Deabill

Sam Devoil, Ian Edwards, Neil Erskine, Scott Ancell, Justin Granger, David Guy, Dean Guy, Paul Guy

Jack Hall, Daniel Horner, Dillon Howe, Marc Lansdowne, Finnian Lewis, Ray Markham, Ross Miller

Stephen Mills, Aaron Nevitt, Mark Pisani, Thomas Poulter, Daniel Roach, Alex Saunders, Paul Seymour

Liam Shannahan, Joe Sloane, Arran Southern, Henry Sperling, Luke Sperling, Alex Ssenabulya

Daniel Stevens, Oliver Strudwick, Stuart Turner

The clubhouse at Virginia Water FC is available for hire, and is suitable for parties for all occasions


Sky TV, pool table (free of charge), stage area, dance floor, kitchen area, bar, toilets and changing facilities


Please contact Graham Poulter or Dave McBride for more info, via the club's contact page