VWFC vs Abingdon United

25/11/2017 Virginia Water Reserves 0-5 Abingdon United
Hellenic Division Two East
Report by Steve Cox

Another reality check was thrust upon Virginia Water’s Reserves this afternoon, after last week’s well deserved victory over Shrivenham Reserves. The gulf in class between the Shivers last week  and today’s opposition was huge and Waters, as is often the case, were found wanting as a team to compete against strong sides who want victory far more than they do. Watching the teams compete is tough to watch when you can see the opposition have the edge in most footballing departments and that was the case today unfortunately for the home side.

The writing was on the wall early on and it was not really a surprise when Abingdon scored after 13 minutes from a poorly defended corner. Waters were never at the races but their fate was sealed when Paul Seymour was shown a straight red card after 25 minutes for a reckless tackle on the edge of the penalty area. To further compound the misery, Abingdon scored from the free kick as Mark Pisani failed to hold on to a well struck shot on goal, and was then let down by ball watching defenders as Abingdon players following in bundled the ball home to make it 2-0.

The halftime chat from the management team was about character and pride in the shirt, and not losing the second half. Waters came out of the dressing room and conceded after one minute as hapless defending through the middle allowed Abingdon to score the simplest of goals. In the 54th minute a similar goal to the third made it 4-0, and Abingdon were running riot.


Maybe Abingdon took their foot off the pedal, but the last half hour of the game were Waters’ best moments of the match as Aaron Nevitt and Sam Meadows showed some spirit and attitude to try to grab some sort of consolation for the 10 man home side. However, to rub salt into Waters’ gaping wounds, Abingdon scored a worldy of a goal in the 70th minute as a stunning 25-yard howitzer from their full back scorched past Pisani into his top right hand corner to make it 5-0.

This was yet another chastening defeat for Waters. The management team of Rob Lamb, Colin Hodgkinson, Steve Cox and Dave Atkins will need to lift the players, but also look to them to take some personal responsibility and not lay the blame on their teammates. To be able to compete on a regular basis with teams like Abingdon or Chalvey Sports - or even from last season Abbey Rangers and Battersea Ironside, the players need look at themselves and ask, “What could I have done better?” Because every time Waters come up against good opposition, they are left a long way behind.

MoM: Aaron Nevitt & Sam Meadows

Line up:

Mark Pisani

Alex Saunders

Paul Seymour

Tom Poulter

Alex Ssenabulya

Sam Devoil

Aaron Nevitt

Liam Hill

Liam Shannahan

Sam Meadows

Jake Baker


Sam Dennison

Tom Mumford

Mark Carter-Draper

Dave Atkins

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