Thornbury Town vs VWFC

01/12/2018 Thornbury Town 2-1 Virginia Water
Bluefin Supplementary Cup
Report by Ceri Jones

Waters' goalscorer Josh Hill

Virginia Water undertook a near five hour round trip, with a very youthful side, and returned home empty handed and out of the Bluefin Supplementary Cup on Saturday, against Thornbury Town.

Whether or not it was a hangover from the journey, limited preparation time, or the other form of hangover, Waters did not start very well and were 2-0 down within the first half hour – also having lost centre half Adam Mills to injury inside the first six minutes. After the horrendous start, the away side started to improve, and came close on a number of occasions with Jake Baker and Louis Sanders going close.

Waters pulled a goal back on 40 minutes, when a Josh Hill free kick took a deflection and left the Thornbury goalkeeper flat-footed. Waters then almost drew level from another free kick taken by Hill, that, this time, the keeper did well to tip over the bar.

Thankfully, for Ceri Jones, the second half performance was much improved, albeit there were only a few clear-cut chances for both sides, even if Waters had a little more possession.


It was pleasing for Waters to see some of their youngsters acquit themselves so well in quite tough conditions.

Sadly, Waters could not force an equaliser, and Thornbury too could have added to their tally. Waters wish them well in the next round.


Line Up:

Matt Jones

Louis Sanders

Adam Mills

Michael Chambers

Max Samyint

Josh Hill

Joe McBride

Richard Bond

Harry Brooks

Ben Jones

Jake Baker


Dillon Howe

Robbie Greenwood

Louis Ness